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The Moon has always been related to magic and has enjoyed an excellent place within the many ancient rituals. This celestial body has been the source of power for witches, pagans, and spell casters alike.

Get to understand Moon Magic and Lunar Magic and use the facility of the moon to enhance your life.

Moon Magic Love Spells – Using the facility of the Moon for Love

moon magic love spellsMagic moon, Clair de Lune, Shine on the lover of my dreams, illuminate a pathway Leading her straight to my arms, rusticate your lovelight, Magical queen of the night. The lyrics of this song justify the mood of the quintessential romantic and his…

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Moon Magic Break-Up Spell

Use the traditional, powerful energies of the moon to interrupt up a few once you feel that they are doing not truly belong together or when their relationship has run its natural course. Moon magic is probably the oldest magic known to humankind. You, too, can…

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A Spell for Love and Romance

Enthusiasts of Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland, 1001 Spells by Mama Nsimbi, and therefore the Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Mama Nsimbi will love Moon Spell Magic for Love.

A Wicca spell website of affection magic: Witchcraft is predicated on the knowledge that our destinies dwell on our own hands, even in matters of the guts. Why suffer love gone wrong once you can do something about it? Why doubt your own power to draw in love when a touch of herbal chemistry (to go alongside the opposite kind!) can cause you to irresistible.

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Moon spells for romance: Magic influences desired outcomes, empower, and fosters growth. Begin this process with spells for love: spells that make the potential for love, draw the eye and devotion of a devotee, strengthen the union between an existing couple, invoke sexual magic, heal a broken heart, and fill your own heart amorously and compassion for yourself.

Inside this website are:

  • Secret recipes for aphrodisiacs
  • Ritual celebrations for the high holidays of affection
  • Insight into the mysterious realm of the moon and therefore the stars.
  • Directions for using moon phases, crystals, potions, flowers, herbs, and astrological signs for max power and accuracy

A great addition to your Wicca supplies: The moon magic during this book brings to light and love into peoples’ lives. With the desire, a loving attitude, a couple of natural ingredients, and a touch of magic, these custom-crafted recipes will cook up an exciting flirtation, enchanted courtships, and real lasting love.

A perfect spell website for true romantics.